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Wood Turtle

Glyptemys insculpta

Tortue des bois


Vulnerable species

  • Their brownish to gray-brown shell or carapace is 16-25 cm long, and has a sculptured appearance.

  • They are most often found in woods near moving water, in streams with sandy or gravelly base.

  • Courtship may include a mating ‘dance’ in which the male and female face each other, and swing their heads back and forth.

  • For nesting, they prefer an open sunny spot, with moist, but not saturated sand. Incubation of the 5-13 eggs lasts 47-69 days, and nest predation is high.

  • Hatchlings emerge from nests in late August, but only reach sexual maturity between 14-20 years of age.

Did you now?

Photo Credit: Environnement et ressources naturelles Canada

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