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Southern Twayblade

Neottia bifolia

Listère autrale


Threatened species

  • This is a rare terrestrial orchid, found in moist woods, bogs or marshes, generally favouring full to partial sun.

  • It is hard to find as it is small and inconspicuous, and fades rapidly after setting seed.

  • It has a purple-green stem and produces two (or rarely, three) opposite leaves, generally ovate in shape.

  • When in flower, it produces up to 25 red-purple or slightly greenish flowers. It can easily be distinguished from other orchid species by its distinctively elongated and forked labellum with lobes that taper into points.

  • The stalks of the flowers are covered in thin hairs, as is the upper part of the main stem.

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Photo Credit: Grayson Sasser,

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