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Ecological donation training course

Yesterday, all the members of our board of directors participated in a half day training course on the rules, best practices and procedures of accepting an ecological donation of land. The course was provided by Reseau de milieux naturels proteges and was a chance for us to really understand this lengthy but essential process for our land trust.

One of our objectives for 2023 is to develop a standard information kit that we can provide to people interested in making a donation. This kit would have everything explained out in simple terms to help facilitate the explanation of the donation process.

The day also provided an opportunity for us to discuss our WILD project with RMNAT and they were very interested in our unique system of conservation. Their organisation provides support to conservation efforts across the province and they felt that our project might be a good example for other municipalities.

WILD has recently become a member of of RMNAT and here is a link to their website if you would like to learn a little more about this wonderful organisation (unfortunately, it is only available in French).


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